May 292011

“Follow Me!” Jesus had shouted back at Peter as He continued to walk down the shoreline. Peter had leapt to his feet, eager to be with the One who loved Him most.

Peter ran, his sandals crunching on the gravel and sand. As he closed the distance, he began to hear another set of crunching footsteps not quite in time with his own. As he ran, he turned and saw John, his fellow disciple following. He was distracted, wondering what John was up to. Was John going to argue with Jesus about forgiving his betrayal? Was this another intra-disciple power struggle like the Passover supper scene? Why was John horning in on his moment with Jesus?

Panting, he finally caught up to Jesus. Hands on his knees, he bent, breathing deeply, out of breath from his sprint. Straightening, he looked up at Jesus, pointed back and said,

“Lord, what about him?” John 21:21 NIV.

What about that other guy, Jesus? You disciplined me. What will you say to him? Is he part of the conversation too? Why is he coming too?

Jesus looked straight into Peter’s eyes, willing him to take his attention from John and return it to Him.

“…what is that to you? You must follow me.” verse 22

I’m not talking about John right now, Peter. I’m talking to you! Never mind John, his ministry, his life, his death. Don’t think about his relationship with me.

Focus, Peter! Focus on Me, Peter! Look only at Me, Peter. Let everything and everyone else gray out around you and see only Me. You will do great things for Me. Your life will be a witness for me. But only if you focus on Me!

Father, let my circumstances, my friends, my job, the unkind words and actions of others, even my own sins, become grayed-out, dithered options on the desktop of my mind. Let me focus only on Your Son. Let the Spirit power me to turn my eyes only to Jesus. Let my vision of Him paint everything I do and say with Your Love.

Part 4 of a 4 part series beginning with Triple Rejection Before Sunrise and 153 Miracle Fish  and  Triple Commit after Breakfast.

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