Feb 222014

Mass media. Mass Marketing. Mass emails. Bulk snail mails. Viral YouTube videos. It seems that so much of pop culture is focused on getting the attention of the masses. We devote significant energy and time to sharing a small, often trivial and insignificant message to a large audience, most of whom is unknown to us.

In the workplace, we insert information on time clocks, send email to companyname-everyone, and post to intranet sites. Often, non-personal email gets deleted out of hand. Eyes glaze over after seeing the same post or picture day in, day out.

At church, we give a bulletin to everyone that breathes, including dozens of line items and multiple inserts. Bulletin boards are so full of flyers and notes that the information becomes little more than a busy background.

Is there value in sharing information in bulk? Maybe. Certainly. Most of us need to hear or see something multiple times for the information to sink in. I wonder, though, if we actually think that we have successfully delegated our responsibility for sharing information when we shape it into a mass message.

They left that place and passed through Galilee. Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were,  because he was teaching his disciples. Mark 9:30,31 NIV.

What did Jesus do? While He did engage in regular public speaking, He spent much focused energy and time sharing information with His disciples, the twelve who were most engaged with His mission.

How can I copy Him? By deliberately search out opportunities to communicate with individuals and small groups face to face. Finding the individuals most in need of encouragement and direction. Looking for the few individuals passionate about an issue and generating momentum through them.

As a leader, maybe I haven’t done my job until I have interacted personally with the individuals with the most need. Or the individuals with the highest degree of interest. I know that finding a handful of people for a short discussion about a work related issue can be very effective. 

Should our web presence be our primary method of making statements of priority? Whether sharing faith or workplace issues, let’s not forget the value of focusing on the few that we can reach face to face.

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Feb 082014

Bludgeoned my way through the manual process of installing WordPress to my Hostgator-hosted site. Awkward due to ignorance on my part. Hostgator chat support was awesome!

Chose Suffusion theme.

Migrated my WordPress.com blog to my WordPress.org installation. Worked as advertised. I had it export everything, including pages. I had to repair one video link.

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