Aug 302014

fair or not fairRANT WARNING! OK, I can’t count how many times I’ve had conversations with colleagues at work this month that were variations on, “But she hit me first!” “It’s not fair!” OMGoodness!

One deliberately slowed work down, neglected some tasks, spewed negative vibes all week, just because of a perceived wrong done to her by another. Something wasn’t fair to her. Something that was as much my fault as anyone and not really anyone’s fault.

One accelerated a complaint campaign, focused on one coworker who was perceived as getting preferential treatment. Caused unrest and total communication break down among coworkers.

When confronted for slipshod performance, one got verbally abusive and excused their behavior by claiming that it was someone else’s job anyway.

Two different situations where individuals make repetitive procedure omissions, not doing their jobs completely  just because everything in their work life isn’t arranged their way. Somehow things aren’t fair.

And no, not all of these are in my department! But they are within my sight and hearing. Patience is wearing thin. Frustration levels rising. I’m talking about mine!

Fairness is one of the most abused words in the workplace. More energy has been wasted on the job by individuals trying to ensure that they do not expend one more calorie of effort than anyone else around them. It’s the perfect method to help us all do just a little less each day. Working no harder than anyone next to us. Serving no more than anyone else. Helping only those who can somehow help us to the same degree. Offering our effort, talents, and abilities only to those who somehow are judged deserving by some invisible yardstick we use.

I am SO thankful that God does not teach fairness! I am grateful that His work for us is not measured by equivalent effort from us.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 NIV.

God does not measure His actions by what we do. God does what He does because of Who He Is! No reciprocity expected. No tit for tat. No favor for a favor. No investment where there is guaranteed return. Good for goodness’ sake.

How can I model this in the workplace? How would my department or company feel if each one of us performed, cared, sweated, only measured by our ability to do so and completely independent of others actions? Forget about fair.

Whatever your hand finds to dodo it with all your might.  Ecclesiastes 9:10 NIV.

I challenge myself to work and care like Jesus, with no thought of fairness or what I might get in return. Just because it’s the right thing to do. Just because it is copying Him. Will you do the same? Together we can cause a revolution of unfairness that can change our worlds and inspire those around us to do likewise. As we celebrate this Labor Day, let us focus on laboring with another criteria. Let’s labor based on what we can give, not what we might get.



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